Bike Fit Perth

In today’s society cycling is becoming more and more common, some of us ride to work, go mountain biking on the weekend, train for competition or go out with the family for a casual ride. A Perth bike fit at Freedom Physiotherapy Bentley will help prevent injuries whilst ensuring you’re getting optimal power, aerodynamics and performance.

A incorrect bike fit can be the cause of knee pain, pins and needles, back pain and poor efficiency. When riding an ill-fitting bike you’re putting yourself at risk to muscle length discrepancies, decreased power and poor performance. Call us at Freedom Physiotherapy Bentley to discuss your bike fitting assessment.

What to Bring

  • Your Bike (Road, mountain, track or recreational bike.)
  • Your Cleats or shoes.
  • Bike shorts (Knicks.)
  • Your Private health card as you can claim back on the spot.

What to Expect

  • A one-hour session to professionally assess and make the adequate changes to the bike ensuring you get the best out of your performance.
  • A full report on our findings during the assessment of the body and the pre and post measurements of the bike.
  • Full measurement and screening of your musculoskeletal system.

Why Freedom Physiotherapy

At Freedom Physiotherapy, Bentley our physiotherapists have studied 4 years to become experts in biomechanical analysis. This allows our physiotherapists to have a greater understanding of how the muscles, joint angles and forces all interact with each other in order to create speed and prevent injuries! We also take into account any pre-existing injuries or operations.

If you want your bike fitted by a physiotherapist in Perth don’t hesitate to call Freedom Physiotherapy Bentley to discuss, or make a booking online via our interactive website.