TMJ/Jaw Pain Treatment Perth

Here at Freedom Physiotherapy, we are the local experts in Perth for TMJ treatment & Jaw pain.  Our physiotherapists have a lot of experience in the Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction treatment. Jaw pain can be extremely debilitating due to pain and locking. If you have any of the following signs please call us or book online so that we can help rid you of your TMJ/jaw pain.

Do you suffer from:

  • Clicking/grinding or locking when opening and closing your mouth.
  • Pain in TMJ/Jaw.
  • Pain when chewing food.
  • Grinding/clenching Jaw during day or night.
  • Aching pain in or around your ear.
  • Aching facial pain.
  • Headaches and nausea.

What Causes Jaw Pain/TMJ dysfunction?

Jaw Pain and TMJ dysfunction are most commonly related to over chewing, stress & trauma. Some of the other causes are below:

  • Instability in the joint.
  • Dental procedures.
  • Overactive or Weak muscles.
  • Arthritis.
  • Tmj Disc Displacement.

We have a great success rate with the treatment of TMJ pain in Perth. Come to see us for a quick diagnosis and Jaw treatment before you go to expensive specialists and get time-consuming scans. After the first session, you will have guaranteed relief and a plan forward. Give us a call to get your freedom back.